Some ways we can help


Kitchens are an expensive but important part of any renovation. They can seem daunting as there are many different elements to think of. DSC_4648cWe can help make this process much more achievable. No matter your budget, we can help you create a kitchen that works for you and your needs.

Or perhaps you love your kitchen but just feel like it is missing that extra special something. We could look at a new splash-back, adding some lighting or changing the paint job. Adding your personal touches to a kitchen is as important as a full renovation.


Bathrooms and Laundries:

Another expensive room renovation is the bathroom. If this space is not done correctly it can cause all sorts of problems. Working with the right tradesmen is essential and can help relieve stress and make a space much more affordable. We have some great partners working with us on our renovations. We can look at the design and layout together and put you in touch with reliable and skilled contractors or we can do the project managing for you. Either way our aim is to help you create a beautiful, practical space that is more affordable than you think.

Laundries are such an important space in the house and are often overlooked. It is essential that they have the maximum amount of storage as well as being practical and usable. We have a special love for storage at E.G. Design as well as working in confined spaces so the laundry can be a really enjoyable renovation.



Bedrooms are fun spaces to renovate because they should be representative of the IMG_1231occupants. They can be moody and intimate or  right and cheerful, but should always be personal. Anyone can choose the latest trends from the shops, but does that really represent who you are?

Let us help you make your spaces more personal, inviting and relaxing by helping you make those confident decisions on colour and linen.



Living and Dining:

These can seem like simple spaces to design, but this means they can also become bland and boring. Choosing the right drapery is important as it can help bring life to a space. Flooring choices are also pivotal in these spaces, as they need to be comfortable and practical. Let us help you find the right fabrics or flooring. We can set up a budget for a full renovation or work on a layout with the furniture you already have. If you feel like your living spaces are boring and uninviting, let us help you bring them to life to become the centre of the home.


And So Much More:

These are the main rooms of the home, but these are not the only spaces we can help with. Maybe it is a hallway? Maybe it is the entrance? Maybe it is just the cushion choices or picture layout in the living room? Whatever you feel is missing from your home, let us help you find it. There is no silly question or request, so send us an email at